"It may be kind of ugly, or weird, or strange, or frightening...but as long as it has a meaning and is serving a purpose, it is not trash - it's art."

- Gene Hatfield

Artist & Teacher

Gene Hatfield was a renowned artist and teacher in Conway, Arkansas, working closely with the Faulkner County community and the University of Central Arkansas. He was generous with his time, wisdom, and works of art - sharing boundlessly with those around him.

From growing up poor in Mount Vernon, to serving in the US Army, to his years painting on location in France, Gene saw the world around him as a blank canvas. Everything became a tool for creating beauty to share with the world.  

094 - WC - Ville en bas,  Montreuil - Street - France - c 1984 - 18x15 .jpg

Post-War France in Watercolor

After serving overseas in World War II and marrying Nicole Wable, Gene spent many years traveling in France. During his many trips, Gene would paint watercolors on location - documenting everything from the rural towns to the large castles and the people who inhabited them. His documentation of Post-War France is not only beautiful and moving, it is also prolific. Covering scenes of everyday life from across the country, Gene's work tells the real story of the people and places of the time. 

Water Colors